Web development

Although taking considerable time, web development can seem 'invisible'!

In fact much occurs behind the scenes, preparing material for editors to be able to manage their sites autonomously. The purpose therefore of this section is a quick indication of the three main options, including one which delivers websites for locations without internet connection...


the teaching modules

shown here is material from DevelopingPhysio's 'teaching modules'. Provided by qualified physios training selected students in remote communities, the modules follow a pattern of familiarising the student with reference material (in purple), though assessment process (blue) that leads in turn to the treatment procedures (green). Because interactive choices are required during the assessments stages, the entire project is designed as an app (once trials are complete) allowing both online and offline use as well as printable wherever required.

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Developing Physio

web development

Developing Physio and offline websites

enlarge any image(click image for gallery). A long term project, led by Fiona Lindsay and her team, that is currently trialling in remote countries around the world requires 'libraryBoxes'. Effectively a mini server, the libraryBox allows access to WiFi devices in conditions without internet access, a fundamental help to physios training local communities who will in turn train others.

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web development

fully editable (autonomous) websites

enlarge any image(click image for gallery). For editors to fully manage their own sites (with shops, blogs, maps and other features) a Content Management System (CMS) is typically required, using Wordpress or Drupal software. Once the developing stage is complete, owners and editors takes over with full autonomy...

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web development

Information (static) sites

enlarge any image(click image for gallery) Although individual websites are still very occasionally undertaken, these so-called 'static' sites generally depend on maintenance by the developer. Such lack of autonomy for the site owner is becoming increasingly outmoded, especially with social media facilities. If for nothing else therefore, perhaps these few examples indicate an 'older way' of site management!

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web development

Gael trail with Kevin Anderson

enlarge any image(click image for gallery). Although strictly neither website, nor collaboration, these were done as part of an introductory trail of Edinburgh, designed by Kevin Anderson for Proiseact nan Ealan (Gaelic Arts) that told the story of the city from the perspective of the gael. Although never completed, much of the original work still lies latent...

GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail GaelTrail